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What Is Teacher Access Center?

The Teacher Access Center (TAC) is a browser-based classroom administration and gradebook management system. You can access TAC from home or your classroom to quickly and easily enter attendance, manage grades and assignments, access student demographics, and both communicate and share information with students and guardians regarding assignments and students' progress.

Manage your Classes

  • Display a class roster for a course.

  • Print a class roster with a wide variety of display options.

  • Create a seating chart for a course.

  • Create academic eligibility reports for students in activities.

  • View list of students in your activities.

  • View Registration, IPR, Attendance, Report Card, Scheduling, Transcripts, and Testing information for students in your classes and homerooms.

Take Attendance

  • Enter attendance for your classes or homerooms using a class list or a photo chart that's helpful for substitutes or early in the school year.

  • Indicate that you've taken attendance with no absences with a single click.

  • Enter class and daily attendance information for previous school days for your classes and homerooms. Your building administrator determines the number of prior days you can update.

  • View attendance information for previous school days. Your building administrator determines the number of prior days you can view.

  • Take attendance using student photos that can be arranged into a seating chart.

  • View Attendance Bulletins for your building.

  • Print an audit report for attendance.

  • Print attendance information.

Perform Gradebook Tasks

  • Define assignments for Gradebook.

  • Score assignments in Gradebook.

  • Upload grades to Gradebook from external files.

  • Publish assignment information so that guardians and students can view information in Home Access Center.

  • Print multiple reports from the gradebook that include: a student's assignments and scores, a graphical representation of assignment scores, a threshold report to help you identify students above or below a score threshold, and a report that identifies students with missing scores and details of the assignments missed.

  • Assign alias names to students to protect student privacy on the printable Gradebook page.

Enter Report Card Information

  • Enter Report Card grades and comments for students in your class.

  • Load Report Card marks from your gradebook.

Manage Interim Progress Reports

  • Enter Interim Progress grades and comments for students in your classes.

  • Load IPR marks from your gradebook.

Manage Discipline Reporting

  • Enter conduct referrals that may be reportable Discipline Incidents.

  • Track classroom issues (student behavior or academic) that you need to address.

  • Refer classroom issues to a disciplinarian or success plan in eSchoolPlus.

Managing Success Plans and Goals

  • Enter progress information for Success Plan Interventions.

  • Enter goal information for Success Plan goals you are responsible for.


  • View scores from standardized test.

  • Enter scores from standardized tests.

Communicate with Students or Guardians

  • Send email to students and/or guardians. You can select an individual, a set of individuals, an entire class, or all classes you are responsible for as recipients.

  • Attach documents for the course or individual assignments that guardians and students can display in Home Access Center.

Note: The features available to you depend on the Teacher Access Center configuration set up by your system administrator. You may not have access to all of the above features.

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