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Using Gradebook modes

The Gradebook Entry page operates in three distinct modes:

  • GB Entry - use this mode to create assignments, score assignments, attach competencies to assignments, create and attach rubrics to assignments, and access relevant student information
  • SBGB Detail - use this mode to score all assignments that contribute to a competency's score. The SBGB Detail mode is similar to Gradebook Entry mode but differs in how it calculates results and displays assignments. Competency groups have their assignments scored using accumulator types, and a student's grade is based on the result of the competency group's selected accumulator type. The SBGB Detail mode displays all assignments that contribute to a specific competency's score
  • SBGB Summary - use this mode to view student competency grades by the competencies assigned to the class or competency group. This mode is view-only; you cannot enter scores in SBGB Summary mode. You can select which competency group to display from the Competency Group filter. All competencies within the selected competency group display in the header. Competencies display as links; you can click on any competency in SBGB Detail mode that contributed to that competency or standard.
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