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Student Alerts

On student pages, alert icons display next to student names to notify you that the student has medical, academic, special education, personal information, or a non-default grade scale alert that you should be aware of. Move the pointer the icon to display a tooltip that describes the alert. Click to display the student's alert.





Student has an academic alert based on student at risk information, athletic ineligibility, or a student success plan.


Student has a medical alert or disability information.

Medical with out-of-date immunization

Student has an out-of-date immunization and may have other medical alerts or disability information.

Personal Comment

Student has a personal comment.

Special Education

Student has a Special Education alert based on classification information or an IEP indicator.

Grade Scale

Student's Gradebook scale is different from the class default. This alert only displays in Gradebook

Alternate Accountability

Refer to Alternate Accountability for details.

District-defined alert.

Student has an alert for a district-defined alert type.

Student Attachments

Student has one or more attachments. Refer to Viewing Student Attachments for details.

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