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Search for Students

Use this procedure to search for students in TAC. You can search for students by name or ID from any page in Teacher Access Center. 

Find Students Using the Student Search Tool

  1. Click the Student Search icon in the TAC banner.
  2. Enter text.
  3. To search all students in the building, check Show All Students in the search results window.
  4. Hover over a row in the search results pop-up to display the student's photo (if your district has student photos loaded).
  5. Click student's row to launch the Student Details drawer.

Tips for Searching

  • If you enter text with no spaces or commas, the search will attempt to match the student's first name, middle name, or last name using a "sounds like" matching scheme.
  • If you enter only numeric numbers, the search will return the student with a matching Student ID (the Student ID must be an exact match).
  • If you enter text separated by spaces, the student database is searched for each entry for student first name, middle name, and last name using a "sounds like" matching scheme.
  • If you type two entries separated by a comma, the search will attempt to match the first entry to last names and the second entry to first names. Adding a comma in the search string forces an "exact" matching scheme. For example, to match a last name exactly, enter the last name followed by a comma.
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