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Load Grades from Gradebook to Progress Reports

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Use this procedure to load marks from Gradebook to interim progress reports. The marks that get loaded for a student are based on the calculated average for each of the marks that your building has configured for you to post.

Prepare to load marks

  1. Enter all scores for assignments that will be included when calculating marks.

  2. Run the Missing Scores report for the class to verify that there are no scores missing for students that should be entered.

  3. If necessary, enter scores for any missing assignments where you want to control how the assignments should affect the student's average.

    • If your building has defined alpha scores to exclude an assignment or to specify that a student has earned 0% of the possible points, enter the appropriate alpha score to control how the assignment affects the average.

    • If you selected to exclude missing scores from a category average, the missing scores in that category will not affect a student's course averages.

  4. If you ask students to confirm the scores entered in your gradebook, run the Student Detail Report for the class. This report includes a signature line for students/guardians to sign indicating that the information is correct.

Load grades for progress reports

  1. From Grade Reporting, click Interim Progress to display the Interim Progress page.

  2. Make sure the correct IPR date is selected.

    • To load for an individual IPR date, click Individual and select the appropriate course and date.

    • To change to a different pre-defined IPR date, click Change and then select the appropriate course and date.

  3. Click Load from Gradebook.

  4. Review the marks that posted to progress reports.
    Note: If a student's average is below the minimum mark or over the maximum mark in your building's marks, then the closest possible mark is used. For example, if your building issues marks 50 - 100 and a student has an average of 101.67%, the student will receive a 100.

Change grade for a student for a pre-defined IPR Date

If your building has teachers load marks from Gradebook, then the best practice for adjusting a mark is to change the average in Gradebook before you load marks.

  1. Display the Gradebook Entry page for the course.
  2. Use the Filter to display the average for the IPR date.
  3. Change the student's average.
  4. Load grades for progress reports again.
    Note: You cannot Load from Gradebook for interim progress on the Eligibility page which shows only students involved in activities.
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