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Enter Parent Goal Progress

Use the following procedure to step through entering progress for a success plan parent goal.

To enter progress for parent goals:

  1. From Interventions, select SSP Plans to open the Student Success Plans page.
  2. If the login ID you use is assigned to multiple staff members, a Teacher field displays with the teacher name and a (Not You?) link next to the teacher name. If the teacher information displayed is not your information, click the (Not You?) link and select your staff record on the Teacher Chooser pop-up. Click Ok to keep your selection and close the pop-up.
  3. To update a plan, click the plan link.
  4. Click Parent Goals.
  5. On the SSP Parent Goals page, click Return to the Parent Goals List.
  6. Click the link for the parent goal to edit.
  7. In the list of goals, click the link for the goal to update.
  8. If the parent has completed the goal, enter a date in the Completion Date field in the Goal Information section.
  9. Enter progress information by updating the goal's objectives.
    Date - Enter dates for objectives that have been completed.
    Comments - Enter comments related to the progress, using up to 4,000 characters.
    District-Defined Fields - Complete any additional fields that have been set up by your district.
  10. To spell check the comments on the page, click Spell Check. When you have completed the spell check, click OK to keep the changes.
  11. Save changes.
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