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Enter Attendance Using Photos

Use this procedure to enter attendance for individual students using the Attendance by Photo page. If you need to mark groups of students absent, tardy, or present, you can assign the same code to large groups of students (or to the entire class) more quickly on the Entry by List attendance page.

If the office entered an attendance code, a red O displays above the photo. Move your cursor over it to see the entered code.

Enter attendance for students

  1. From
     Attendance, select Photo to display the Attendance by Photo page.
  2. Enter attendance information as needed on the student's photo. If a student has not been placed in the seating chart, you can record their attendance in the Unplaced Students drawer.
    • To take attendance with all students marked present, click
      (All Present) on the toolbar.
    • To mark a student absent, click A.
    • To mark a student tardy, click T.
    • If you click A or T, the fields displayed on the student's photograph may change to let you enter Arrive or Dismiss times.
    • To mark a student present, click P on the student's photo. Typically, you only need to mark a student present to remove an incorrect absence, but some building attendance policies may require that you mark all students who are present.
  3. Your building administrator may allow you to select attendance codes. To enter an attendance code for a student:
    • Click on the student's name.
    • Enter the code or search for the code.
  4. Click Save.
    Note: If there is an office attendance entry that is incorrect, contact the attendance clerk so the clerk can correct absence information.
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