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Conduct Referral Entry Page

Use the Conduct Referral page (Interventions > Conduct Referrals) to enter student conduct that should be referred to a disciplinarian for review. The disciplinarian can escalate the referral to create a discipline incident, return the issue to you, or indicate that the issue was resolved.

On this page, you can:

  • Enter information on the conduct referral.
  • Select one or more students to associate with the issue.
  • Add individual notes for each party involved.
  • Assign a role to each student, such as Offender, Victim, or Witness, provided your building is configured to allow teachers to enter roles.

You cannot edit a referral once it has been referred, unless the disciplinarian returns it to you.

Report Conduct Referrals

Conduct Referral Page Fields


Name and ID number for the staff member you are logged in as.

If the login ID you use is assigned to multiple staff members, a (Not You?) link displays next to this field. If the teacher information displayed is not your information, click the (Not You?) link and select your staff record on the Teacher Chooser pop-up. Click Ok to keep your selection and close the pop-up.


Select the building where the conduct you are referring occurred. This field is required.


If this field displays, select a type to identify the conduct you are referring.

The Type field, if available, is required. The display of this field depends on the Teacher Access Center configuration.

Notes (for Referral)

Describe the situation for which you are creating a referral. This section will be visible to the disciplinarian after the issue is referred. It is not displayed on the Conduct Referral List page. This field is limited to 1024 characters.

To spell check the text you entered, click

(Spell Check) in the toolbar.

Notes (for Students)

Text describing the conduct that you are referring to the disciplinarian. Each student has a separate note. If you want to use the same content, copy and paste the text from one student to another. This field is limited to 1024 characters.

To spell check the text you entered, click

(Spell Check) in the toolbar.

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