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Change a Student's Grading Scale

Use this procedure to change a student's grading scale.:

  1. From Gradebook, click Entry to display the Gradebook Entry page.
  2. If you are in SBGB Summary Mode, click
     for GB Entry mode or
     for SBGB Detail mode on the mode selector
  3. If you need to update the class or marking period, click Change, and make your selections.
  4. Click on any one of a student's scores to select the student.
  5. Right-click, and then select Edit Grading Scale to display the Edit Grading Scale dialog.
    If your system does not support right-click, select Edit Grading Scale from the Actions/Reports drop-down field to display the Edit Grading Scale dialog.
  6. Select the desired grading scale from the dropdown.
  7. Click Save.
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