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Attendance Detail Page

Use the Attendance Detail page (Attendance > Attendance Detail) to view student class attendance codes over a marking period. The toolbar at the top of the page lets you choose a different class or marking period.

The page displays the class list, summary totals columns, and a grid with cells for each attendance date in the selected marking period. The summary totals columns are optional and only display if configured by your administrator. If displayed, summary totals columns are fixed, but you can scroll horizontally for dates and vertically for students.

Entering Attendance
Printing the Attendance Detail Report

Summary Totals Columns

If configured to display by your administrator summary totals columns display marking period totals for specific absence codes. The labels for each column display in the top two rows.


Each day the course or homeroom meets during the marking period displays. For each date a student has an attendance concurrence, the attendance code displays.

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