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Test Scores Rollover Processing

The test scores rollover process deletes test records for students whose records were deleted by Registration Rollover. It can also purge additional test records information that no longer needs to be stored, based on a selected school year.

Refer to Test Scores Rollover Page for details on running the rollover and to Year-End Rollover Procedures for descriptions of the tasks required to compete the overall year-end rollover process.

Base Processing

The rollover always deletes test, subtest, and student tracking data for any student who was deleted when you ran Registration Rollover.

Note that the system will retain test information if it is linked to a Student Success Plan record generated from Test Scores At Risk Setup criteria. For this reason, you should run Success Plan Rollover before processing Test Scores Rollover to ensure the system clears unnecessary testing data completely.

Additional Purge Options

You can select whether additional testing information should be purged. The following table lists the records that can be purged and indicates the purpose of the set of records.

Records you can purge

Notes about purging

Test score information for students who graduated on or before a school year

If you only retain testing information for a specified number of years after a student graduates, select this option to delete test, subtest, and student tracking data for students that no longer need their testing records stored.

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