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Teacher Attendance Listing Page

This report lists the students who have an absence in one or more of the selected periods. The Teacher Attendance Listing is typically generated and distributed daily to the building's teachers after attendance entry is complete so that each teacher has a listing of student attendance to refer to and, if necessary, add to or change.

If your building schedules courses, the report indicates any free periods or periods in which attendance is not taken. If the student is enrolled in a non-attendance-taking course, "Attendance not taken" prints in the attendance period. If the student is not enrolled in any course, "Free" prints in the attendance period.

If you send the Teacher Attendance Listing by email, you may also include a message of your choice. The message may be used, for example, to make an announcement to the report's readers, such as information on early dismissal or special meetings.

Run Teacher Attendance Listing Report

  1. Select Attendance > All > Reports > Teacher Attendance Listing.
  2. Specify the report options.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Prompts Panel




Select the enrollment building of the students to include.

Attendance Date


Today - to use the current day as the date to check. This option is useful if you schedule the report to run periodically.
Date - to select a set date as the date for your report.

Bell Schedule

If the building is set up to use multiple bell schedules, select the bell schedule (timetable) for which you want to print the teacher report. If you select a timetable, the report lists only students assigned to a house/team that is assigned to the selected timetable, while the list of periods includes only periods in the timetable.

If you leave this field blank and your building is set up to use multiple bell schedules, the report will use the first bell schedule that is found. If a period you select is not included in the timetable processed, the period is skipped.

If your building is not set up to use multiple bell schedules, this field is inaccessible.

Period List

Select the attendance periods to include in the report.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Report Break Type

Indicates the effect on headings and page breaks when there is a change in the first value used in sorting, as entered in the Sort section of the page.


None - to not indicate a change with a new heading or page break.
Line Break on First Sort Criteria - to print a new heading each time the first sort value has changed.
Page Break on First Sort Criteria - to print a new page and heading each time the first sort value has changed.

Example: If you sort by Homeroom Primary, Last Name, First Name and the report break is Page Break, a new page will print each time a new homeroom is reached.

Print Arrival/Dismissal Times

Checked if you want to include attendance period arrival and dismissal times in the report. Clear the checkbox to print the report without these times.

Email to Teachers

Checked if you want a pdf file of the report to be sent out as an email to all teachers in the building. The subject of the email is Attendance Teacher Report.

To send email, you must have an email address entered in the Sender Email Address field on the Notification tab of the Attendance Configuration.

Email Message

Text message to include in the email. For example, "Early Dismissal today at 1:30 PM." Character/255
If you do not enter a message, the body of the email will be blank.

Log Statistics

Checked if you want to print the prompts in a log file. Otherwise, a log file will be created only if an error occurs.

Sort Panel

Use the Sort panel to specify how records should be ordered in a report. You enter lines of sort criteria; the system compares your sort criteria against the corresponding fields in the records being searched and displays records in either ascending or descending order based on the sort fields.

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