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Student Test Detail Page

Use this page to view a student's results for an individual test and to add test records for students. You can also update tracking information for the selected test for the student.

You can access this page from three different menu paths.

  • Test Scores > All > Student > Test History by Student > click Test Date link
  • Test Scores > All > Student > Test Summary > click Test Date link
  • Test Scores > All > Office > Test History by Test > click Test Date link

View student's test score summary

View test scores by student

View test scores by test

Add test score results by student

Add test score results by test

Change test score results for student

Delete test results for student

Delete test results for multiple students


Student Information Bar

The bar, which displays on all student pages just below the Home icon and Menu button, includes options to view the student's alerts, attachments, and notes and to email the student's teachers and guardians.

Definition Panel

When you add a test, you can search for the test by entering values in the Test, Level, or Form fields and, then clicking Search next to the Form field.




Code for the test.


Level that was used for the test. For example, H may be used to designate a test directed to the honor student level.


Form that was used for the test. Identifies the version of the test being used for standardized tests which have more than one equivalent version or form. For example, a 2 could be used to indicate this is the second form of a test. You may also use the year of the test to specify the test form.

Test Date

Date when the student took the test.


Student who took the test. Enter the student ID or use the student name field to search for a student. Enter the last name, followed by a comma and the first few characters of the first name, and then click Search to display the Student Search window.

This field displays only if you accessed this page by selecting Test Scores > All > Office > Test History by Test and clicking Add.

Print on Transcripts

Checked if the scores from this test record can be printed on the transcript. The Transcript View Setup for the building determines which, if any, test scores are printed on the transcript.


Description of the test.


Student's grade on the test date.


Age of the student on the test date.


Building where the student was enrolled on the test date.

Subtests and Scores Panel

Test scores are grouped by subtest Each test will have at least one subtest. There may be multiple rows of scores for an individual subtest.




Code and description of the subtest displays in the section title.


Scores for the test. Scores display grouped by subtest. Within each subtest section, there may be multiple rows of scores. The label for the score field displays next to the score field.

For each score field, an administrator defined the type of values that can be entered for the score and how values can be entered. For example, some fields may allow you to use a drop-down to select a value.

Student Tracking Panel

This panel displays the Student Tracking information defined for this test. Tests can be defined to display student tracking information based on the student's programs information or store external information that you can enter or load from test data file.

Test Tracking Panel

This panel displays Test Tracking information that has been defined for the test. Test tracking information is the same for all students. For example, test tracking information may indicate the time allotted for each section of the test; the conditions under which the test was administered; or whether any performance-based incentives were offered.

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