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Setting Up Your Home Page

This topic includes the procedures for adding, changing, deleting, and positioning widgets on your Home page.


The following concepts apply to the Home page and its widgets:


Rows can group one or more widgets or panels. A row spans the full width of the page. Each row can include multiple widgets and panels. Initially, they position across the top of the row but begin to stack as you add more widgets.


Panels can contain one or more related widgets. Use a panel when you want to display a title over a widget. After adding a panel, you need to enter a title and add a column for each widget being included. Two or more widgets can be stacked within a column.


Widgets can display data or charts. They can be edited during or after setup to define their contents. For information on changing a widget's default settings, refer to the Adjust Widget Settings procedures.

Below is the basic procedure for editing your Home page. The procedures that follow apply to Step 2.

  1. From the Home page, click the Additional Options icon, then select Enable Edit.
  2. Modify the home page's content and layout by following the procedures below.
  3. Click the Additional options icon, then select Save Layout.

Add Rows, Widgets, and Panels

Add a Row to the Page

  1. Click the Additional Options icon.
  2. Select Add Row.

Add a Widget to a Row

  1. Click the row's Add icon.
  2. Select Add a Widget.
  3. In the Select a Widget window, click a widget to highlight it.
  4. Click OK to add the widget to the row.

Add a Panel to a Row

  1. Click the row's Add icon.
  2. Select Add a Panel.
  3. Click Edit, enter a title in the Panel Title window, then click OK to display the title on the panel.

Add a Widget to a Panel

  1. Click the column's Add icon to add a widget.
  2. In the Select a Widget window, select a widget, then click OK to add the widget to the column.
  3. To add another widget, click the panel's Add icon to add a column, then repeat Steps 1-2.

Organize the Page

Change Layout

Rows, panels, and widgets can be moved around by "dragging and dropping" as follows:

  1. Left click on the item's banner, and do not release the mouse button.
  2. Drag the item to the desired location.
  3. Release the mouse button to drop the item in place.

Re-Size Widgets and Panels

  1. Position the pointer on the right edge of the widget or panel.
  2. When the pointer becomes a double-sided arrow, press and hold the left mouse button.
  3. Drag the edge to the right until the item reaches the desired size.
    If an item has already been re-sized, you can narrow the width by dragging to the left.
  4. Release the button.

Adjust Widget Settings

Set Items for Data Widgets

  1. Click the widget's Settings icon.
  2. To include a data item, select its checkbox.
  3. Set alerts, if available. Refer to the next procedure.
  4. Click Save.

Set Alert Thresholds in Data Widgets

You can enable a widget to display a Warning or Critical alert when the data for an item reaches a defined threshold.

  1. Click the widget's Settings icon.
  2. To include a data item, select its checkbox.
  3. For each data item that has two numeric fields:

    1st Field

    Enter the threshold for a Warning alert. The Warning alert threshold should be lower than the Critical alerts.

    2nd Field

    Enter the threshold for a Critical alert.

  4. Click Save.

Set Up Chart Widgets

  1. Click the widget's Settings icon.
  2. Select options from the following menus:


    Specifies the source of the chart's data, for example, Suspensions or Detentions for the Behavior Chart.


    Determines whether to display a pie chart or bar graph.


    Indicates what the data pertains to, for example, Building or Grade.

  3. Click Save.

Maintain the Page

Delete a Widget, Panel, or Row

Click the item's Delete icon.

Cancel Changes

Before saving, click the Additional options icon and select Discard Changes. This cancels your current changes and returns you to the Home page.

Return to Original Home Page Setup

To delete all widgets and panels except the Calendar (the Home page's only default widget), click the Additional Options icon, select Revert to Default, then click OK.

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