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Setting up Student Photos

A student photo can be displayed in selected applications. Photos must be in a format that can be viewed through a browser; for example,  JPEG, GIF, or BMP format, with ".jpg", ".jpeg",  ".gif", or ".bmp" as the extension. Only one format type extension can be used per building.

Naming Photos

The photos must be named with the student's ID number and the appropriate extension.  The extension is specified in the Student Photo Extension field on the Registration Building Configuration page.

Example: If you use GIF format and the student's ID is 12014, then the photo's filename must be 12014.gif.

If you use the Change Student ID Utility to change the student's ID number, the photo also must be renamed.

Photo Location

Photos must be on a server that is accessible via the web.

You indicate the photo location in the Student Photo Path field on the Registration Building Configuration page.

Example: If your server is called websms, then for photos in the high school, you could have a location of:


For information on creating the photos folder and virtual directory, contact PowerSchool Technical Support.

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