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Setting Up Email Alerts

Home Access Center (HAC) enables guardians and students to receive email alerts for the following:

  • Attendance
  • Behavior Incidents
  • Classwork Assignment Averages
  • Course Averages
  • Progress Reports
  • Report Cards

You can schedule email alerts to run once, for an interval of days, for specific days of the week, or for a specified day of the month. Guardians and students can subscribe to these alerts on the My Alerts page as well as on the related HAC pages. Only guardians and students with HAC login IDs can receive email alerts.

For field descriptions and other information on email alerts, refer to HAC Building Configuration Page.

Set up email alerts

  1. On the HAC Building Configuration page's Email Alerts panel, enable a particular alert for guardians and students by selecting the following checkboxes:
    • Send to Guardians
    • Send to Students
  2. Leave the Alert Date field blank to allow the email alert to always run for the current date.
  3. Use the Run section to specify how frequently email alert should be scheduled, for example Daily or Weekly.
  4. Verify that the email address information stored in eSchoolPlus for guardians and students is current.
    • Guardians' email addresses are entered in the Contact pages.
    • Students' email addresses are entered in their Street Addresses pages.
  5. Inform guardians and students that they can subscribe to email alerts on HAC's My Alerts page, as well as on the pages related to the alerts.
  6. To send progress report and report card alerts, you first must generate the appropriate data warehouses by running the following options from the Mark Reporting > Utilities menu:
    • Generate Progress Data Warehouse
    • Generate RC Data Warehouse


Disabling Home Access Center does not automatically stop email alert tasks from running. You must disable the building's alerts in the HAC Building Configuration page by clearing their Send to Guardians and Send to Students checkboxes and clicking Save. You also can impersonate the alert's task owner and remove the task from the Tasks and Reports page's Scheduled Tasks panel. You can access this page by clicking the Tasks/Reports button.

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