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Set Up Update Enrollment

For districts that have Unified Administration Enrollment, your district can enable integration with Enrollment and enable single sign on access so that guardians can access update forms from Home Access.


Your district must be running eSchoolPlus version or higher and Unified Administration Enrollment version 19.11 or higher.

The eSchoolPlus API, Enrollment API, and K-12 Authentication Provider must be installed and configured.

For eSchoolPlus:

  • The District Configuration Utility must have K-12 Authentication Provider and eSchoolPlus API enabled with database credentials.
  • The District Configuration must be set to enable integration for Enrollment.
  • In the Home Access Center Building Configuration, Show Enrollment must be enabled.
  • Guardians must have access to Home Access Center and to update enrollment.
  • Grant  ENROLL - SETUP - VIEW access to users who will review enrollment forms.  The user will use the My eSchoolPlus > Product Links > Enrollment option to navigate to the enrollment forms.

For Enrollment:

  • The eSchoolPlus SIS connection is defined. The required information is provided when the enrollment integration is enabled in the eSchoolPlus District Configuration must be entered.
  • Parent SSO Authentication must be enabled.
  • Forms are selected in the SIS Parent Portal section for the eSchoolPlus SIS. You can make all forms available or select specific forms to make available from Home Access Center.
  • Refer to the Enrollment help for more details on setting up the SIS, SSO authentication, and selecting the forms to make available.

Setting up access to update forms for guardians


Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Addresses > select a student, then select a contact

Select the following field in the Student/Contact Relationship panel's Access section of the Contact page to enable a guardian to submit Enrollment Online update forms:

  • Update in Enrollment

You can enable access to update forms for many guardians using the Contacts Mass Update. Refer to the Mass enable update forms access procedure that follows.

Mass enable update forms access

You can enable access to update forms for many students and guardians using the Contacts Mass Update. This utility allows you to update up to 5000 student contact relationships at a time.

Note that your filter criteria should select the guardian contact type as there are Student/Contact relationship records for the student mailing and physical address, emergency contacts, and other contacts.

  1. Select Registration > Utilities > Mass Update > Contacts Mass Update.
  2. In the Prompts section, select the following:
    • Area: Student/Contact Relationships
    • Field Name: Upd Stu Eo Info
    • New Value: Y – Yes
  3. In the Filter section, specify the critieria to select the student contact relationships records to update.
    1. To update only guardian records, select Student/Contact Relationships area Contact Type = G – Guardian
    2. To update only contacts with HAC Access, select Student/Contact Relationships area Web Access = Y – Yes
    3. To update only users who do not currently have update form access, select Student/Contact Relationships area Upd Stu Eo Info = N - No
  4. Click Load.
  5. Click Run.
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