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Set up Transcripts for Home Access

Your district can allow guardians and students to view transcripts in HAC. The transcript includes the student's courses, marks, course credits, GPA, class rank, and the total credits for each group of courses.

Allowing guardians and students to view transcripts

Home Access Center Building Configuration

Administration > HAC Setup > Setup > HAC Building Configuration > click Building link

For each building, in the Configuration panel's Mark Reporting section, check the following box as needed for guardians, students, or both:

  • Show Transcript

Additional Requirements

  • To publish transcripts, you must generate the transcript data warehouse. Run the Generate Transcript Data Warehouse option (Mark Reporting > Utilities > Build Transcript Data > Generate Transcript Data Warehouse) or the Print Transcripts option (Mark Reporting > Entry & Reports > Transcript Reports > Print Transcripts) with the appropriate settings selected for refreshing the data warehouse.
  • If the label displayed from data warehouse records needs to be changed, you must modify the Transcript View (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > View Setup > Transcript View Setup) and generate the data warehouse again.
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