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Set up Demographic for Home Access

Your district can display the following sections on HAC's Demographic page:

  • Emergency
  • Personal
  • Transportation
  • Contacts.

Optionally, you can enable guardians and students to update certain information on the Demographic page, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, emergency information, and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) settings.

As an alternative, your district can offer eSchoolPlus's Enrollment Online to allow guardians and students to access update forms through HAC to make these changes. For more information, refer to Enrollment Online's help system.

Setting up information for HAC's Demographic tab

Home Access Center Building Configuration

Administration > HAC Setup > Setup > HAC Building Configuration > click Building link

For each building, in the Configuration panel's Registration section, complete the fields as needed for guardians, students, or both.

You can select to show or hide:

  • Personal information including the student's Social Security number, ethnicity, meal status, and classification.
  • FERPA Information
  • Emergency medical information
  • Transportation
  • Contacts
  • Student ID
  • Gender
  • Primary homeroom information
  • Locker information
  • Learning Location
  • Counselor
  • House/Team
    You can also allow update of the following information:
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Emergency information including physician, hospital, and insurance information
  • FERPA Information

Additional Requirements

  • Guardians living with students can update email and phone information for both themselves and their students. Guardians who do not live with the student can only update their own information.
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