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Set up Course Requests for Home Access

Course requests can be entered in HAC through two options:

  • The Course Requests option enables courses to be requested for the next school year.
  • The Career Plan option enables courses to be requested for one or more upcoming school years.

This topic covers setup requirements for the Course Requests option. The Career Plan option is covered in a separate topic.

Allowing guardians and students to enter course requests

Home Access Center Building Configuration

Administration > HAC Setup > Setup > HAC Building Configuration > click Building link

For each building, in the Configuration panel's Request Entry section, complete the following fields as needed for guardians, students, or both:

For each building, complete the following fields as needed for guardians, students, or both:

  • Show Request Entry
  • Show Request Alternates
  • Request By
  • School Year
  • Scheduling Interval
  • Request Credit Range Per Grade
  • Prerequisite Processing

Additional Requirements

  • To make a course available for requests in HAC, check the Request from HAC box on the Scheduler Options panel in the course's Building Course Catalog record (Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > Building Course Catalog > click Course link).
  • Subject areas or departments need to be assigned to courses in the Course Catalog, depending on which parameter the building uses for entering requests.
  • If used, course sequences can determine whether students can request specific courses. Sequences are set up in Building Course Sequencing option (Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > Building Course Sequencing > click Building link).
  • To display graduation requirement totals in HAC, students' graduation requirements need to be calculated by running the Graduation Requirement Calculation (Mark Reporting > Utilities > Calculations > Graduation Requirements Calculation). However, if requests are shown by department, then graduation requirement totals do not display.
  • Graduation requirements also affect how subject areas display for a student. For additional information, refer to Set Up Graduation Requirements.
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