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Send Communications Page (Interventions)

Use this page to create a data file containing letter records for student incident information. This data file is later combined (merged) with form letters that you create using Microsoft Word.

When you run this option, the system combines the information created when you calculated letters with the corresponding student and incident information to create a data file containing letter records. Each letter that a student or guardian should receive is stored as one record in this file. For example, if a student has two guardians and each one should receive a letter, he or she will have two records in the data file. Or, if a student has offenses or actions that meet two different criteria, the student will have two records in the data file.

Letters are only sent to a student if at least one of the contacts/student has the Discipline Letters checkbox selected. If there are no records for the student that are set to receive the mailing, no letter is sent.

If your merge file is empty, but you know some students should have received letters, review the Discipline Letters checkbox setting for guardians/students.

For more information on merging letters, refer to Mail Merge Letters. For a list of the available merge fields, refer to Behavior Letter Merge Fields.

Create merge file for letters

  1. Select Interventions > All > Behavior Communications > Send Communications.
  2. Specify the report options.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Prompts Panel




Select the building of the students to include in the merge file.

Run Date

The date on which the letters you are printing were calculated. Only dates on which letters were calculated can be entered here.

If you want to generate a merge file for a Run Date previously used to print letters (for example, for running re-prints), you must select the Include Printed Letters checkbox before you can access the prior date. Otherwise the list only includes dates where letters have not yet been sent.

Run Numbers to Include

Enter or select the letter runs from the specified run date that should be printed. For example, if you calculate letters on a Friday for a range of dates (Monday through Friday), five letter calculation runs will be created (for example, run numbers 1 through 5) for that one date.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Include Printed Letters

Checked if you want the merge file to include letters that were already printed. Unchecked if you do not want to include letters that have already been printed.

Download Letter Templates

Not implemented at the current time.

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