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Searching for Open Records for a Date

When you are filtering reports or searches using a record that includes a start date and an end date, you may want to return students who have an open record on a specific date. A student has an open record if the student has a start date prior to or equal to a specified date and either has no end date or has an end date after the specified date.

For example, you may want to find students who have a meal status of Free Lunch on 9/10/2015 based on program tracking data. You could search for students who have a start date of 9/10/2015 and an end date that is open (is blank or > (is greater than)) for 9/10/2015.

To search for a blank end date or for an end date after a specified date, use the is open as of condition. This condition is available when searching on the Withdrawal Date field from Entry/Withdrawal or End Date fields from program-tracking.

Note: If you search on End Date or Withdrawal Date and use the is open as of condition, you must include the corresponding Start Date or Entry Date field in your search. Otherwise, your results will include students who do not have a record matching your filter.

Example 1: Searching for students enrolled in a building on a specific date

Student Search in a building

Example 2: Searching for students enrolled in a program on a specific date

Student Search in a program

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