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Scheduling/RC Synchronization Page

Use this page to synchronize scheduling and mark reporting records. This option adds, updates, and deletes mark reporting records based on scheduling information.

If your district uses course standards and competencies, it will also create the standards and competency records for the appropriate students and courses. This option should be run before teachers begin entering grades and before calculations are run.

Certain types of changes to scheduling and mark reporting information require that this utility is run to correct mark reporting information for students:

  • Changing the marking periods when a course meets in the Master Schedule.
  • Changing mark types for a course in the Master Schedule.
  • Changing the course credit for a course in the Master Schedule.
  • Making schedule changes such as adding and dropping courses for a student.
  • Changing the marking periods in which the student is taking a course (also referred to as resolving marking period conflicts).
  • Changing the grades entered for a trailed course.

If you want to log the information that would be deleted and then verify scheduling information was entered correctly, select to run the synchronization without deleting invalid marks. After you make any required corrections to scheduling information, you must run the synchronization and select to delete invalid records.


This program should not be run for prior years if you have deleted scheduling records unless the rc_status field in the mark reporting header records (mr_stu_hdr) has been set to N. Otherwise, mark reporting records for that year will be deleted.

Synchronize mark reporting records with student schedules

  1. Select Mark Reporting > Utilities > Build Report Card Data > Scheduling/RC Synchronization.
  2. Specify the calculation options.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Prompts Panel




Select the building to be synchronized. Mark reporting records will be created for students taking courses in this building.

Delete Invalid Marks

Checked if you want to delete invalid mark reporting information. Invalid mark reporting information is any mark, comment, or absence record that exists for a marking period that is no longer valid for a student.

Unchecked if you want to create the data file without deleting information.

Amount to Log in Statistics File

Select the level of detail to include in the log file:

Log Errors Only - to include errors that occur during processing in the log file.

Log All Activity - to include messages for all processing in the log file.

Log File Name

Specify the log file name to use for the data file that lists the mark reporting information that would be deleted for a course.

To verify mark reporting information before records are deleted, do not select the Delete Invalid Marks checkbox. Then you can review the data file and confirm that student or course data does not need to be corrected before running the synchronization and deleting invalid marks. For more information on the data file that is created, refer to Scheduling/RC Synchronization CSV File.

By default, the name Scheduling Synchronization Log is used.

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