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Use this option to fill open periods in students' schedules with study halls. Study halls are defined in your Building Course Catalog by selecting their Study Hall checkboxes. The study halls must also be set up as course-sections in the Master Schedule. When you run the Study Hall Scheduler, the system looks for free periods and automatically schedules the study halls into these periods.

One difference between Master Schedule courses and study halls is that a student does not have to be scheduled into all of the days specified. For example, if a study hall is set up to meet period 5 every day of the week and a student has this period open on Monday and Wednesday, the Study Hall Scheduler will only schedule study halls for Monday and Wednesday.


  1. Verify student schedules to ensure they are complete.
  2. Set up study halls in your building's course catalog. Be sure to select the Study Hall checkboxes when adding these course records.
  3. Create course-sections for the study halls in your Master Schedule.

Run Schedule Study Halls

  1. Select Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student Scheduler > Schedule Study Halls.
  2. Specify the processing options.
  3. Click Run.


Prompts Panel




Building where the study halls are being scheduled.

Schedule Interval

The scheduling interval you are scheduling.

If the building has multiple intervals, make sure that the appropriate scheduling interval is selected.

Date Added

The first day that students are attending the study halls. The date is used as the Date Added value for study halls that are scheduled.

Make sure to enter the correct date; otherwise, attendance information may be incorrect. Attendance uses the date added to determine the first day a student should be attending.

Balance Study Sections

Checked if you want to balance the number of students assigned to study halls.

Unchecked if you want the Study Hall Scheduler to fill a section before beginning to schedule students in the next section.

Restrict By House/Team

Checked if you want to schedule study halls based on their house/team codes. When you restrict by house/team, students can only be scheduled into a study hall if their house/team codes in Registration match the study hall's house/team code in the Master Schedule. However, if a study hall does not have a house/team designated, students can be scheduled into it regardless of their house/team assignments.

If your building is using Multiple Bell Schedules, this box is checked by default, and you cannot access it. For more information about how Multiple Bell Schedules affect scheduling, refer to Next-Year Scheduling with Multiple Bell Schedules Process Overview.

Log Statistics

Checked if you want to print the prompts in a log file. Otherwise, a log file will be created only if an error occurs.

Sort Panel

Use the Sort panel to specify how records should be ordered in a report. You enter lines of sort criteria; the system compares your sort criteria against the corresponding fields in the records being searched and displays records in either ascending or descending order based on the sort fields.

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