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Schedule History Page

Use this page to view courses scheduled for a student in the current year, as well as any courses taken in prior years. From this page, you also can access the Student Course page for the courses listed. For more information, refer to Student Course Page.

Menu Path: 

Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student > Schedule History

Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student > Requests > click

(Additional options), then select Schedule History

Display student's schedule history and view courses

  1. Select Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student > Schedule History.
  2. If needed, click
     (Expand) on the desired year panel to display courses scheduled for the student during the year.
  3. To display the Student Course page for a course, click the course's Description link.
  4. To return to the Schedule History page, click Back on the upper right.


Year Panel

The following fields display for each course:




Title of the course.


Code identifying the course-section scheduled for the student.


Scheduling period that applied to the course-section.

Marking Periods

The marking period in which the course-section was scheduled.

Cycle Days

The cycle day that applied to the course-section.


Initials identifying the teacher who taught the course-section.

Course Building

The building where the course-section was scheduled.

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