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Sample Form Letter

Office of Student Affairs
Madison High School
Bethlehem, PA 18078 (610) 555-6654
{MERGEFIELD contact_title} {MERGEFIELD contact_last_name}
{MERGEFIELD contact_street_number} {MERGEFIELD contact_street_name}{MERGEFIELD contact_street_type}
{MERGEFIELD contact_city}, {MERGEFIELD contact_state} {MERGEFIELD contact_zip}
Dear {MERGEFIELD contact_title} {MERGEFIELD contact_last_name}:
This letter is to notify you that {MERGEFIELD student_first_name} has been reported for {MERGEFIELD incidents_this_letter} incidents of {MERGEFIELD incident_code}, {MERGEFIELD incident_subcode} in marking period {MERGEFIELD letter_reset_period} on the dates noted below. The school's discipline policy is explained in the parent and student handbook received by all students at registration. Behavior in school is the responsibility of the parent (or guardian) and the student.
A student who acquires three or more such incidents is required to meet with a school counselor and his or her parents to discuss the student's behavior problems. Please contact {MERGEFIELD student_first_name}'s counselor, {MERGEFIELD counselor_name}, at 555-5201 to arrange a conference.
Jane Smith
Assistant Principal
The following offenses and actions are for the period starting
{MERGEFIELD date_from} and ending {MERGEFIELD date_thru}:
{MERGEFIELD offense_and_action_details}
Related Information:
Drugs:{MERGEFIELD drugs}
Weapons: {MERGEFIELD weapons}
Gang Related: {MERGEFIELD gang_related}

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