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Prorate Course Fees Page

Use this page to prorate course fees. Your building administrator has defined how fees for courses should be prorated on the Fees Building Configuration Page.

Fees may be prorated for courses in the following circumstances:

  • The course has been added or dropped for the student since the last calculation date. The discount percentage that is applied to a fee is based on the prorating discounts set up in the Fees Building Configuration.
  • The student has been resolved out of one or more marking periods of the course. The discount percentage that is applied is calculated by dividing the number of marking periods that the student was resolved out of by the number of marking periods of the course. For example, if the student is resolved out of one marking period of a four marking period course, the discount percentage is calculated as 1 / 4 which is equal to 25%. In the Fees Building Configuration, your administrator determined whether course fees should be prorated if students are resolved into marking periods of a course.
  • The course is no longer in the student's schedule. The fees will be prorated 100%.
  • The student dropped the course before the course started. The fees will be prorated 100%. In this scenario, the drop date is before the first day of the course so the prorate schedules do not apply. The schedules define how the fee should be prorated after the course has started.

Prorate course fees

  1. Select Fees > All > Utilities > Prorate Course Fees.
  2. Specify the processing options.
  3. Click Run.


Prompts Panel




Building you are prorating fees for.

Last Date CalculatedDate when the Prorate Course Fees option was last run without a filter. If a Last Date Calculated is displayed, the Prorate Course Fees option excludes courses with a change date (as opposed to add or drop date) that is prior to the Last Date Calculated.

Billing Date

Billing date for the fees for courses added to the student's schedule. When fees are created, the Date Created value is set to the date you enter as the Billing Date.

Course Marking Periods

Select the marking periods that courses must meet in order for students to be billed for a course. For example, if your building has semesterized schedules, you may not bill fees for courses scheduled in marking periods in the second semester in case student schedules change before courses start.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Print Billing Statement

Checked if you want to print billing statements for students after the fees are processed. Unchecked to run the process but not print billing statements.

Amount to Log

Determines the information to include in the Statistics log.


Log Errors Only – to only generate a log of the errors that occur.
Log All Activity – to log everything that occurs when the process is run.

Sort Panel

Use the Sort panel to specify how records should be ordered in a report. You enter lines of sort criteria; the system compares your sort criteria against the corresponding fields in the records being searched and displays records in either ascending or descending order based on the sort fields.

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