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Print Transcripts with Seals

Your district can print images on transcripts for students who complete specific programs based on graduation requirement groups. If you select to include the transcript seal when you run the Print Transcripts option, then a seal is printed if the student's graduation requirement group has a seal defined and the student has a Graduation Date entered on the Academic page.

Use the gif format for the image files for seals.

Upload Image for Transcript Seal

  1. Select Administration > General Setup > District > District, then click the district link.

  2. On the District Definition page, click Additional Options, and select Upload Transcript Seal Image.

  3. On the Upload Transcript Seal Image window, browse to select the image to upload.

  4. Click OK.

  5. If you want to add more images, repeat Steps 2 - 4.

  6. On the Upload Transcript Seal Image window, click Cancel.

Specify the Seal for a Graduation Requirement Group

  1. Select Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables.
  2. Select the Registration application and the Requirement Groups table.
  3. In the Image Name field, enter the name of the image file. For example, Honors.gif. You do not need to enter the path.
  4. Click Save.

Print Transcripts with Seals

When transcripts are printed, select the Include transcript seal as image option in the Transcript Seal field 

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