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Overview of Testing Records

Your district can store testing history information for the standardized tests that students are required to take. The Test Scores options allow you to define a test and its subtests. There are utilities available to allow you to load testing data from a file to the eSchoolPlus system and to download data from the eSchoolPlus system to create pre-code files that may be required by testing companies. Once testing data is defined and stored, you can write reports to analyze student test data, submit test score data to meet state requirements, and print test score information on transcripts.

Student testing information can be broken down into five types of information:



Test Information

Test information for a student indicates the test that the student took; the date that the test was taken; and the student's building, grade, and age at the time of the test.

Subtest Information

Subtest information breaks down test information to smaller records to allow you to better analyze and report student data. Your reporting needs will determine how subtests are defined. For example, assuming that you wanted to store SAT scores, you could define one subtest called SUMMARY that stores the score information for the Math, Critical Reading, and Writing sections of the test or you could define a subtest for each section.

Scores Information

Scores are stored as part of the student's subtest information. For each subtest, there may be multiple scores. You can define what type of value (numeric or character) can be entered for a score. A score can be any information that you want to store from the test. For example, you may store a raw score, a stanine score, or the student's percentile within all scores for the state.

Test Tracking Information

Test tracking information stores test administration information for the test. You can define the information to be stored for a test. For example, you can store the time allotted for students to take a section of the test.

Student Tracking Information

Student Tracking information stores information specific to the student at the time of the test. You can display data from a program or store external data that can be loaded from a testing file. For example, if your district has a program that tracks student limited English proficiency status, you could display the student's LEP status at the time the test was taken.

Your district may also set up district-defined pages to store additional information for test definitions.

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