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One-Time Billing Page

Use this page to bill multiple students for one or more fee items. You can select students using criteria from demographic records.

This option is useful if you need to bill a group of students for a fee or set of fees and will not be billing these students again. If the same group of students will be billed again for these or other fee items, you should set up a Fee Group and then run the Create Billed Items option instead of using the One-Time Billing option.

Bill students

  1. Select Fees > All > Utilities > One-Time Billing to display the One-Time Billing page.
  2. On the Prompts panel, select a Building, and enter a Billing Date.
  3. In the Fee Items section, enter the information for each fee item.
  4. To delete a fee item, select its
     (Delete) checkbox.
  5. On the Filter panel, enter criteria identifying the students being billed.
  6. Click Load at the upper right to search for and list the students.
  7. On the Student List panel, select the
     (Delete) checkbox for each student who should not be billed.
  8. Click Run.
  9. After running the process, click Tasks/Reports on the Navigation bar, then click the appropriate link to view the billings.


Prompts Panel




Building for creating the billed items.

Billing Date

The date students are to be billed for the fees being processed.


The billing date assigned to fees affects fees processing. When you run fees reports, you can enter a date range to select the fees to include based on the billed date. When automatic payments are applied for students, fee items are paid in order by priority code and then billing date. Additionally, if your district has policies based on fees being paid within a certain number of days after the bills are sent to guardians, then you would enter the date that bills are to be sent home.

Fee Items Section




Code identifying the fee item.


Text describing the fee item.


Number of units of the fee item. Integer/3

Unit Amount

The cost per unit of the fee item. Decimal/7,2

The item's unit amount will default, but you can change the value if you need to charge a different amount. The software will calculate the total for each item (Quantity x Unit Amount) when it generates the billing.


Text regarding the fee item. Character/255


Select the checkbox to delete a fee item so students are not billed for the fee. The item will display with a strike-through so that you can clear the checkbox should you need to reinstate the item.

Use the Filter panel to select the students to include in the billing. Your filter will be saved as the default filter for the next time you run the option.

The students identified on the Filter panel will display on this panel when you click Load at the upper right.

Select the

 (Delete) checkbox to delete a student. The student will continue to display but will not be included in the billing process.

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