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Naming Conventions for Attendance and Behavior Letters

For Attendance and Behavior, if you have different letters for different criteria, a separate form letter must be written for every criterion defined. If you need letters in multiple languages, you must duplicate every letter in each language code that was entered in the configuration list of letter language codes field. For example, if you have five criteria defined and use three languages, you would have 15 letters.

You do not need to complete this step for Medical, Home Access Center, or Student Success Plan letters.

In order to create different letters for criteria and languages, you must create separate form letters which must be named in the following manner:
(prefix)(criterion)(language code).doc


This is the prefix entered in the configuration field for the filename of the form letter (for example, disc for Discipline letters).


This is the code of the Criteria for which this letter is written, for example, 02 for your second letter criterion.

language code

This is a code, of the language in which this letter is written, for example, 01 for Spanish. Do not include the language code for the letter that is written in your default language.
If you have selected not to create letters in multiple languages in the Configuration setup, no Language code is needed.

The language code will not be included in the file prefix if the student's or guardian's language code does not match the languages codes selected in the list of letter language codes for buildings that generate letters in multiple languages. Thus, if your file prefix is disc and a student's language code is not included in the list, the filename given for first letter criterion would be disc_01.doc.

When the system generates the data file, the name of the form file to be used for each student's letter is given in the first field of the student record. You can then use the merge codes described in Creating the Primary Letter File to indicate that the appropriate form file should be used for each student.

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