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Mark Reporting Rollover Processing

The mark reporting rollover process deletes mark reporting records for students whose records were deleted by Registration Rollover. It can also purge mark reporting setup information and purge mark reporting and/or progress information for students that no longer need stored records, based on their graduation year. Gradebook setup information and student scores can also be purged based on a school year.

Refer to the Mark Reporting Rollover Page for details on running the mark reporting rollover and to Year-End Rollover Procedures for descriptions of the tasks required to compete the overall year-end rollover process.

Base Processing

Regardless of how you choose to run Mark Reporting Rollover, the rollover always completes the following processes:

  • Deletes report card, transcript, standards and competencies, progress, gradebook, and course equivalency data for students who were deleted during Registration Rollover.
  • Deletes progress and gradebook records for courses that were deleted from the master schedule. When purging master schedule records using Scheduling Rollover, the student's report card and course equivalency information is also deleted for course-sections that are deleted.
  • Deletes report card and standards and competencies information for courses for which the master schedule for the current year indicates marks are retained for report cards only.


If users are to be able to view report card information for prior years for a course, the master schedule must be defined to retain marks for report cards and transcripts. For example, if middle school counselors want to view report card records for courses taken last year, the courses must be set up to store records for transcripts even if you do not print transcripts for the middle school building.

Additional Purge Options

You can select whether additional mark reporting information should be purged. You can run Mark Reporting Rollover for groups of buildings that need to have the same data purged. For example, if you need to purge mark reporting information for middle school students entering high school this year and for all students who graduated 6 years ago, you can run the option once to select all middle schools and purge all mark reporting information for students with a graduation year of 2020 and then run the option again to select all high schools and purge records for students who graduated in 2010.

The following table lists the records that can be purged and indicates the purpose of the set of records.

Records you can purge

Notes about purging

Building History

These records define how mark reporting options are used for the year. Mark reporting options include report cards, progress reports, transcripts, standards and competencies, course equivalencies, and gradebook. Purging building history deletes records for the course equivalency setup, report card view, course credit setup, progress view setup, and gradebook setup.

If you select to purge this information, the rollover automatically purges all other mark reporting information for the selected school year.

Only purge building history information if you no longer need to retain any historical mark reporting information for students for this school year.

MR Data for Students Who Graduated on or before

You can purge all mark reporting (report cards, transcripts, and standards and competencies) records for students who have a graduation year before or equal to the prompted school year.

Progress Data for Students Who Graduated on or before

You can purge all progress records for students who have a graduation year before or equal to the prompted school year. For example, if the building does not store progress information from prior years, you can enter the graduation year of the lowest grade in the building.

Gradebook Assessment Data on or before

You can purge gradebook assessments for a specified school year and earlier. This purge also deletes gradebook categories, course properties (stores the default options that the teacher selected for a course-section), and the weights for averages. Do not delete the assessments for the current year if teachers should be able to copy the assessments when they define assessments for next year. If you purge gradebook assessments for a school year, score information will also be deleted.

Gradebook Score Data on or before

You can purge scores for assessments, the overridden averages entered for students, comments for assessments, student aliases, and scales assigned to students for a specified school year and earlier.

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