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Mark Averages Calculation Page

Use this page to calculate the mark for a mark type based on the average of marks received for other mark types. The average is calculated based on the average setup for a course. For example, the mark averages calculation may calculate the Semester mark for marking period 2 based on the average of the marking period marks for marking periods 1 and 2 and the exam mark for marking period 2. For more information, refer to Average Setup Page. To see a flow chart of the mark averages calculation processing, refer to Overview of Mark Averages Calculation.


The Mark Averages Calculation does not calculate average marks for Average Setups that are defined to be used in Gradebook. These averages are calculated when teachers click Load from Gradebook on the Report Cards page in Teacher Access Center or when an administrator uses the Load Gradebook Averages option to load Teacher Access Center Gradebook averages to report cards.

Run the Mark Averages Calculation

  1. Select Mark Reporting > Utilities > Calculations > Mark Averages Calculation.
  2. Specify the calculation options.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Prompts Panel



BuildingSelect the building of the students for whom you want to calculate the average mark for a mark type.
RC RunSelect the report card run for which you want to calculate the average mark. Averages will be calculated for the selected report card run and the prior report card runs for the year.
NoteThe current report card run specified in the MR Building Configuration is used to determine whether a course is completed. If the last marking period of the course in the Master Schedule is included in the current report card run or an earlier report card run, then the course is considered complete.

Mark Types

Select the mark types for calculating the average.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click

(asterisk) to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Run Calculation For

Select whether you want to run the mark averages calculation for the current year only or for prior years and the current year.


Only for Active School Year - to calculate averages for the current year courses.
Everything Through the Active School Year - to calculate averages for courses that met in prior years and courses that meet in the current year.

Log Statistics

Indicates the level of detail to include in the log file.


Log Errors Only - to include errors that occur during processing in the log file.
Log All Activity - to include messages for all processing in the log file.

Assign State Course Final Average to Local

Checked if you want to copy the calculated average for the state course to the local course that is the last part of the state course. To copy the state course's final average to the local course, the state course and the local course must have the same yearly mark type.

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