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eSchoolPlus Release


If you wish to implement any of these OneRoster 1.2 changes, please contact Support for an updated PLUS360 Developer Guide.

OneRoster 1.2 - Nested Endpoints

The Phone Number and Email details are provided to users where available. The endpoints included are:

  1. getUser, getAllUsers - Test for both Student and Teacher user type

  2. getStudent, getAllStudents

  3. getTeacher, getAllTeachers

  4. getStudentsInClassForSchool

  5. getTeachersInClassForSchool

  6. getStudentsForClass

  7. getTeachersForClass

The postLineItemsForSchool endpoint has been added to allow a vendor to post multiple lineitems for a school.

The postLineItemsForClass endpoint has been added to allow a vendor to post multiple lineitems for a class or school.

The postResultsForLineItem endpoint has been added to collect result instances for a message payload.

The getTeachersForClass endpoint has been added to return the teachers (both primary and secondary) for the specified class. The endpoint returns results in the form of the user model for the class mentioned. (This endpoint is available in the OneRoster 1.1 version and above).

The getStudentsForClass endpoint has been added to return the list of students enrolled in the given class. It returns in the form of a user model for the class mentioned. (This endpoint is available in the OneRoster 1.1 version and above).

OneRoster 1.2 - Attributes

The gradingPeriod and School attributes for the lineItem class have been added.

The ‘sex’ attribute has been added in the ‘Demographics’ class to include the value of ‘other’ when the gender identity column is neither male or female.

The users endpoint will have the existing role attribute removed, the new roles attribute (which is now a list of roles, rather than only supporting a single role) added, and removal of org attribute (this is now contained within the roles attribute).

OneRoster 1.2 - Guardian

The users endpoint will now include the role type Guardian (G). The guardians will be those contacts with the student relationship type having IMS Equiv value as Guardian (G) or Parent (P). Guardians/parents would only be included in getUser and getAllUsers endpoints, with a filter on that role type.

The student endpoint will have a new attribute Agent ID, which will be the contacts for that student who are tagged as Guardian or Parent in the relationship table. This can have multiple values.

The Relationship type validation page has been changed to include a new column IMS Equiv in the grid to tag a code as Guardian (G) or Parent (P).

OneRoster 1.2 - Rostering Endpoints

Consumers of the OneRoster API are enabled to access OneRoster 1.2 Rostering endpoints with OAuth 2.0 authentication.

The endpoints are now formatted as '/ims/oneroster/rostering/v1p2' instead of '/ims/oneroster/v1p1'.

OneRoster 1.2 - Gradebook Endpoints

Consumers of the OneRoster API are enabled to access OneRoster 1.2 Gradebook endpoints with OAuth 2.0 authentication.

The Gradebook endpoints are now formatted as '/ims/oneroster/gradebook/v1p2' instead of '/ims/oneroster/v1p1'.

The Gradebook Alpha Marks page has been updated to include these four IMS Equiv options for the scoreStatus attribute value:

  • late
  • incomplete
  • withdrawal
  • in progress
API Profile

The API Profile page is updated with a new field Authentication Method to set the authentication for OAuth 1.0 or OAuth 2.0.

In the API Profile page, when users select OAuth 2.0 authentication method, the grid with OneRoster related scopes is displayed. This is applicable for OneRoster 1.1 and 1.2 endpoints.

For OAuth 2.0 authentication type, the vendor will be able to select the scopes from the grid in API profile page instead of endpoints. The selected scope will mean that all the endpoints for that scope have been selected for the vendor. Endpoints are displayed as sub grid which can be seen on expansion of the scope.

The OAuth 2.0 profile will be enabled/disabled based on the Active check box in the API Profile page.

The Advanced Settings column will be displayed in the API Profile page for OAuth 2.0 similar to OAuth 1.0 authentication type. The column displays a link to API Profile Endpoint Advanced Settings page, if the required settings are there for that particular Rule ID.

When you switch to OAuth 2.0 authentication type, the client is registered for OAuth 2.0 and the selected scopes are saved. The integration related details are displayed in a dialog box after successful save. The Client is enabled or disabled based on the Active check box. You can also switch back to OAuth 1.0 at any point of time. The dialog box details are:

  1. Client ID - Combination of consumer key and database unique identifier

  2. Client Secret

  3. K12AuthProvider URL

  4. P360 API URL

The endpoint selected on the API Profile page for OAuth 2.0 authentication method is saved in the backend.

District Configuration Utility

Added an input field in the integration tab to add the P360 API URL.

Added an input field in the Installation tab to enter the folder path for the PLUS 360 (P360) API.

The DCU will now write the eSPConfig.xml file to a Configs subfolder within this folder.

A checkbox in the District Information page enables users to select P360 availability for the P360 API.
Added the Login ID and Password fields for the P360 API to use when connecting to the eSchoolPlus database.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-70172Year View - Attendance Detail

If the attendance date is an alternate cycle day and the course the student is enrolled in has a resolved conflict, then attendance cannot be taken through Year View - Attendance Detail. This has been resolved. Attendance Entry by Individual has also been resolved with this fix.

ESP-69442TAC District Defined

When using SSO and Attachments is turned ON but TAC_BUILDING_ATTACH records were missing, an error was occurring when accessing District Defined pages in TAC. This has been resolved.

ESP-68859TAC - Gradebook Entry Assignment Details Drawer

Gradebook Entry Assignment Details Drawer has been modified so an assignment cannot be dropped if the points and weight value are both equal to zero.

ESP-68629Student District-Defined

If you have read-only security to some fields on the page and read-write access to other fields, then you cannot save a new record. This has been resolved. You can add new data with values in fields where they have read-write access. Fields with read-only access will still be displayed as disabled.

ESP-68407Behavior Incidents

When creating an incident and choosing a student having an apostrophe in their name as the Reported By Entity on an incident, an error was occurring. This has been resolved.

ESP-67782Success Plan Detail

When entering values into Student Success Plan Goal fields, the fields could be saved, but then disappeared when the page re-displayed. This has been resolved.

ESP-67724Login Timeout

SSO time outs were redirecting users to the wrong page. This has been resolved.

  • When logging in with SSO and the session times out (or the user clicks ignore for the timeout), it will take them to a page that does not have the login option.
  • When logging in with SSO and the session times out with the user choosing to keep the session open, the user will be able to continue working.
  • When logging in without SSO and the session times out, it will take the user to a page that has the login option and the user will be able to log in.
ESP-67213Transcript Summary

The data was displaying in the wrong column on the transcript summary. This has been resolved.

ESP-67158Scheduling Period

State Code Equivalent field was only displaying in Scheduling Periods for Texas districts. The field is updated to be visible for all districts.

ESP-67142Scheduling Timetables

If the building was on bell schedules or changed from being bell schedules after a copy, if they delete the bell schedule timetables, that process is leaving orphan schd_timetable_hdr records in the database, which causes Attendance bulletins and current day schedule to not work. This has been resolved.

ESP-66021Student Schedule

When the student is resolved out of cycles days, the schedule does not print correctly on the Mailer. This has been resolved.

ESP-64639Mass Load Grades

Mass Load grades was not working in prior years. This has been resolved.

ESP-64128Scheduling District Configuration

Previously, on the Scheduling District Configuration, if you blanked out the ‘Classified Students’ field and saved; the field will come back with a value of 1.000. This has been resolved to allow the value to be null.

ESP-62939HAC Classes

In HAC for Summer school, when the classwork average is configured to display in HAC, the header average was not displaying. This has been resolved.

ESP-61981Print Report Card

The report card was printing transfer courses when the transfer building configuration was setup to not print on the report card. This has been resolved.

ESP-61924Report Card Summary

On report card summary, the mark was showing as a hyper link with incorrect assignments. This issue has been resolved.

ESP-61725GeoCode Building Assignment

Geo Plan Area: Assign Next Year - Was not Assigning Next Year Building for some Students. This has been resolved.


The eSchoolPlus Classwork page was modified to properly set assignments with 0 weight or points to Cannot Be Dropped when adding new assignments. Assignments that already had 0 but did not have the cannot be dropped set, will be modified if they edit the assignment.

ESP-54607Student Competencies

When a student changes buildings, the competency staff was being deleted from the student competency record. This has been resolved.

ESP-51292TAC Attendance

In TAC, if the teacher typed a comment with an apostrophe in Attendance entry, the characters after the apostrophe did not save. Updated the comments field to include contractions.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

  • Virginia
  • Washington

This release also includes Federal changes for the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Federal Civil Rights Data Collection.

Release notes are available in your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

Database Changes

The following changes are included in this release:

Base Database Table Changes

Table Name


API_CALLER_SUBSCRIBEAdded the 'SCOPE' column to define the scope of the endpoint that the vendor is subscribed to.
API_CALLER_CFGAdded the 'AUTHENTICATION_METHOD' column to define the authentication method to be used for the vendor, either OAuth 1.0 or OAuth 2.0
ONEROSTER_SCOPEAdded this table in the task database to contain the list of scopes and the endpoint for each scope. This is used to display the list of available endpoints on the API Profile page.
ONEROSTER_SCOPE_SECRETAdded this table in the task database to store the scope name and scope secret that are used to validate the token and get the details of the scope when an endpoint is called using the OAuth 2.0 authentication method.
REGTB_RELATIONAdded the 'IMS_EQUIV' column to define whether the relationship type is a Parent (P) or a Guardian (G).
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