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eSchoolPlus Release

New Features

The following features have been added in this release.

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eSchoolPlusLearning Locations
  • Added an icon to the Home Access banner to indicate the student’s learning location for the day. Hover over the icon to show a tooltip with the student’s learning location for today, as well as the next school day.
  • Added the Learn Loc column to two additional Teacher Access Center pages to display the student’s learning location:
    • Gradebook Entry
    • Photo Attendance

Identify Learning Locations for Students

Resolved Issues

The following issues are resolved as fixes in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-41970API Profile

Improved the performance of the API Log List page.

ESP-41357API Profile

When using a Chrome browser to access the API Profile page, the Secret field was defined as a Password type field. This has been changed to a hidden field so you can show/hide the secret.

ESP-41176Attendance Interval

An invalid value was displaying for most months when the start and end date of the calendar were set to the same month in different years. This has been resolved.

ESP-31057Career Plan

Students enrolled in Summer School were missing career plan information if they also had current year regular courses. This has been resolved.

ESP-38810Conflict Matrix Grid

The Conflict Matrix GRID report was not returning results that matched the BOOK format when the courses included blockettes and a filter was included. This has been resolved.


Existing referral entries could not be removed from the page. This has been resolved.

ESP-38866District - Enrollment Integration Test

The Enrollment Integration Test would issue an error if there was no record in SPI_INTEGRATION_DET for the domain. This has been resolved.


If a student re-enrolled during the school year after they had previously withdrawn and dropped courses and now they were withdrawing again on the same date that they entered, the student's schedule for the prior dropped courses were being deleted in addition to the courses added when the student was re-enrolled. Only courses added since the student re-enrolled should be dropped in this scenario. Previously dropped courses should not have been deleted. This has been resolved.

ESP-32243Entry/Withdrawal - Drop Schedule

When the add and drop date occurred within the same marking period, the mark was not defaulting to "N" based on the Scheduling Building Configuration setting for how many days to default "N". This has been resolved.

ESP-28447EO Registrar Approval

When accepting an enrollment online verification form where there was a change to the Immunization section on the update form, the Immunizations that were already in eSchoolPlus were changed to NA Series Status and 0 Series Totals. This has been resolved.

ESP-39976EO Update Forms

An error occurred when trying to view accepted forms in HAC that were processed prior to upgrading to 20.4. This has been resolved.

ESP-35531HAC Classwork

The HAC Classwork page was not showing the overall grade for competencies for year to date marks. This has been resolved.

ESP-41003Incident - Offender Action

When an offender action is tied to attendance and it's tracked by duration (not by occurrence) and there is no end date on the action, the application calculates the student schedule for every day of the school year, so it was taking a long time to load. This has been resolved by adding a prompt if the user does not enter an end date to let the user know what will happen and allow them to choose to continue or cancel.

ESP-41984Login Page

Anti-forgery token errors were occurring when users used the back button or favorite links to go to the Login page. If the users were already authenticated and still active in their session, logging in a second time caused the anti-forgery error. The Login page has been modified to redirect to the Home page if the user is already authenticated with a valid session. This will alleviate some of the anti-forgery token errors that were happening.

ESP-10308Mark Verification Report

The Mark Verification Report was not displaying the Comment Type headings in the order of the comment types. This has been resolved.

ESP-42537Mass Update Days

Mass update days was updating all days not just the cycle day selected when updating learning location AND setting the include in cycle set to to a specific value. This has been resolved.

ESP-40799Master Schedule

The Section key value is now displayed on the Master Schedule page.

ESP-37497Office Visit

The return to previous page arrow was not retaining date prompts on Office Visits. This has been resolved.


On the program screen, or in the program detail pop-up, if a program is active and linked to a base field and all program data was blanked out, the program vector was deleted, but the linked field was not updated.

This has been resolved by requiring that the delete checkbox is used to delete and users can no longer blank out all fields on save.

ESP-40661Progress Report by Course

The Progress Report by Course option was displaying a reference id error if the user went directly from entering a course number to clicking Load. This has been resolved.

ESP-27434Run Upload

The Run Upload feature was displaying a security error when the user had the proper security resource of SYSTEM-UTILITIES-RUNLOAD. This issue has been resolved.

ESP-40880Set Environment

When switching environments, the list of users included some names followed by (). The names that display like that are staff records without a login ID specified so these users should not be in the drop-down for selection. This has been resolved. Additionally, resolved an issue where users showed up multiple times if they were both teachers/subs and admins.

ESP-40922Single Sign-On

There is some ambiguity in the Open Id Connect specification for how the access token hash is calculated. Some Identity Providers had a different interpretation of this hash which was preventing users from logging into the eSchoolPlus suite of applications that support SSO. A change was made to support this alternate interpretation while maintaining our support of our original interpretation.

ESP-33155Student Average Report

The Student average report in TAC did not match the Report Card term grade. This has been resolved.

ESP-28939Student Schedules

The secondary staff was displayed over the course-section in the Mailer and Office version of Student Schedules. This has been resolved.

ESP-32907TAC Attendance

TAC Attendance indicators were not properly handling displaying attendance from multiple sessions. This has been resolved.

ESP-29982TAC Competencies

An error was occurring when printing report cards in TAC for an inactive student. Modified so the list of students available to print only includes active students.

ESP-29981TAC Gradebook

In Gradebook, if the teacher would leave their cursor in the field (without going to any other fields) after entering a negative number and autosave was on, it would not flag it as invalid. This has been resolved.

ESP-41633TAC Links

Users were getting a 404 file not found error when clicking a dynamic link in TAC. The redirect URL was adding additional characters causing the link to fail because the output was being URL encoded. This has been resolved.

ESP-36010TAC Student Competencies

Using the Show\Hide Withdrawn Students option on a TAC Student Competency page redirects you to a different Student Competency. This has been resolved.

ESP-35575TAC Student Detail Report

The TAC Student Detail report was dropping the lowest score incorrectly when there was only one assignment to drop because other assignments were defined so that they could not be dropped. This has been resolved.

ESP-32124TAC Student Drawer

When picking a date in the Test section to add a new test, it was not auto-populating the grade, building, and age if the student was enrolled on that date. This has been resolved.

ESP-28832TAC Student Drawer

On the Contact panel, the text was displaying over the picture, but on other panels, the picture covered the area when hovering or clicking. This has been resolved.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Lousiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Virginia

You can access all State Reporting Release Notes from PowerSource.

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