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eSchoolPlus Release

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New Features

The following features have been added in this release.

Product AreaFeature TitleFeature DescriptionLearn More
eSchoolPlusOneRoster Integration

To support OneRoster Integration improvements, the Grades page now includes a CEDS Code field to define the CEDS (Common Education Data Standards) Code that corresponds to the Grade codes for OneRoster. Also, added the CEDS Code validation table for Registration to define the valid CEDS codes.

The OneRoster API changes to report Grades using the CEDS Code will be released in a future release.

Grades Page

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Reference Number



ESP-44479API Profile

The API Profile page now shows the StudentIEPStatus endpoint so administrators can select if it is enabled.

ESP-46420Attendance Entry

The Attendance entry was allowing arrive times prior to dismiss times on the same row. This has been resolved.

ESP-44998Attendance Entry

Adding a new sequence of attendance by clicking the Plus icon was overwriting the exiting attendance entry. This has been resolved.

ESP-28746Attendance Entry

If office entries were previously entered for a student, then the Attendance Entry Page was not adding a new row if the user clicked the Plus icon. This issue has been resolved.

ESP-45901Attendance Missing Submissions

If an alternate cycle day did not have the same periods as the specified cycle day in the calendar, then the Attendance Missing Submissions report was generating zero results. This has been resolved.

ESP-47340Building Course Catalog

The Building Course Catalog issued an error when saving a block if the District Course and Building Course did not have the same blockettes defined. This has been resolved.

ESP-45468Daily Action Report

The Daily Action Report issues an error if the number of characters for all selected action codes exceeds 255 characters. This has been resolved.

ESP-47471Day Totals Calculation

The Day Totals Calculation was running for a long time when selecting to process from the Date Last Calculated if the Attendance View was set up to use a minimum occurrence of zero (0). This has been resolved.

ESP-46663District Course Catalog

The district block course was not reflecting the correct credit, which should be the sum of the blockette's credits. This has been resolved.

ESP-35339District-Defined Course

District-Defined Course pages were not saving if the user had read-write access for that page, but only read access for the parent resource. The issue was resolved so that the Building and District Course pages use their own security resource.

ESP-46980eSchoolPlus/Schoology Integration

The new Schoology Integration was not removing the times from the due date field. This has been resolved.

ESP-47341HAC Course Requests

HAC course requests were including courses that were inactive in the Building Course Catalog. This has been resolved.

ESP-46643Home Page: Learning location widget

The learning location widget was not working when in next year mode. This has been resolved so no error displays.

ESP-46809Load from Gradebook

Load From Gradebook for Student Competencies was not pulling in marks from MR_SC_STU_COMP when the Receives Gradebook Results field for the mark type was set to D - Year To Date. This has been resolved.


The menu option for My eSchoolPlus was not capitalized correctly. This has been resolved.

ESP-42947Registration Mass Update

When setting up the same start date and end date for a program record, an error displayed when the Link Type for a program field is “L-Linking” and the Student Withdrawal Code for that state is “F- First Day Student is not in School“. Resolved this issue to allow the entry as it is valid to have a record with the same start date and end date in this scenario.

ESP-47607Scheduling/RC Synchronization

The Scheduling/RC Synchronization process was defaulting blank Competency marks when Override is set to Yes. Resolved this issue.

ESP-45458Student Course Detail

The Student Course Detail page was not allowing a course date record that issues marks in M1 to be trailed to a new course that started in M2. This functionality was working on Schedule Entry. This has been resolved.

ESP-46907TAC - Activity Roster

The activity roster did not include a student in the activity who was enrolled in a different building. This is now resolved.

State Reporting

This release includes changes for the following states:

  • Illinois

  • Michigan

  • New York

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

Release notes are available in your state's eSchoolPlus online documentation site.

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