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Editing the Template

This section provides the general procedure to open and save the template that you want to modify. The following types of changes may be made to the templates:

  • Making basic cosmetic changes to font, size and color.
  • Adding fields supported by the Available Fields document. To display the template's available fields, click the Available Fields link on the appropriate view setup page.
  • Moving fields within the header, footer, and detail sections. You should not move a field from one section to another.

If more complex changes are required, contact PowerSchool Technical Support.


  • Changing a template may create errors when you run the report. Make sure to save a backup of a working template before you make changes to the template so you can revert back to the working template if necessary.
  • Do not move fields from one section of a report to another. This can cause the report to not work correctly.
  • Do not delete fields that you do not want to print because the field may be used by scripting. Instead, make the fields invisible.
  • Never delete or change any scripts that are part of the template. The reports will not work correctly if you alter scripts.
  • With the exception of the transcript courses subreport, do not change subreports.
  • There is no Undo option within the AR Designer window. Save changes frequently. Then, if you are dissatisfied with a specific change, you can close the template without saving the change, but still retain the other changes that you had saved previously.

Edit the template

  1. From the Start menu on your PC, select the PowerSchool eSchoolPLUS Report Designer program.
  2. On the AR Designer window, select File > Open from the menu.
  3. On the Open File window, browse to the directory where you downloaded the default template. Double-click on the template to edit.
  4. If the AR Designer window is minimized, maximize the window so you can see the template.
  5. Make changes to the template as desired. The following sections include detailed directions for changing the template.
  6. To save changes, select File > Save from the menu.
  7. On the Save Report window, enter a unique name for the template and click Save.
  8. To test the results of the changes, you must upload the template to the eSchoolPlus server. Refer to the Uploading the Template section for procedures to upload the template.
  9. To exit the AR Designer, click
    on the window.
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