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Edit Note Or Add Note Dialog

Use this dialog to add, view, and update notes for a student. It displays as Add Note when a note is being added and as Edit note when existing notes are displayed. Access to notes entered by other users and those that are marked sensitive depends on whether you have the appropriate security.

View or edit a student note and its fields




Entry Date

Today's date defaults when you add a new note; however, you can enter a different date.

Entry Time

The time when you click New to add a new note defaults; however, you can enter a different time in HH:MM AM or HH:MM PM format.

Note Type

Select the type of note you want to enter. Your district determines the types of notes you can enter.


Enter the note text, up to 7500 characters. The first two lines display on the Student Notes page which lists the notes for the student.

Alert Type

Select the alert type:

C - Critical Alert - to display the note as a critical alert in the Student Information Bar.
P - Personal Alert - to display the note as a personal alert that can be viewed from eSchoooPlus and TAC.


Checked if the note contains sensitive information and should only be viewed by users with the appropriate security. Certain Note Types may be defined by your District to default as Sensitive when you add a note. Your security resources determine if you can add and view Sensitive notes. This box is inaccessible if you do not have the appropriate security.


Checked if the note should display only for you and users with the appropriate security to view other people's notes.

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