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Day Sheet Page

On this page:

Use this page to view a list of students who receive medications or treatments today. You can indicate a medication or treatment was given by clicking Issue. This creates a medication log record, using the initials entered at the top of the page and the current system time.

Issue medications based on today's day sheet

  1. Select Medical > All > Office > Day Sheet.
  2. If you want to record your initials when you click Issue, enter your initials in the Initials field.
  3. To indicate a medication has been issued, click Issue. The current system time is recorded as the time issued.

Display medication doses that do not have a time specified

  1. Select Medical > All > Office > Day Sheet.
  2. Select the Show Entries Without Times checkbox.
  3. Click Load.


Selections Panel




Select the building whose day sheet you want to display.

Show Entries Without Times

Checked if you want the display to include scheduled medications and treatments that were entered without a specific time.


The initials of the person making the entries.

Day Sheet Panel

The current date is indicated in the panel's title. When you click the Issue button for a medication, this date is saved in the student medication log.




The time the medicine should be given, as entered in the Rx/Tx Requirements page (Medical > All > Student > Medication Requirements).

If you select the Show Entries Without Times checkbox, medications and treatments that were entered without a specific time also display.


Student's full name. Click the student's link to open the student's Medication Log page.


The medicine or treatment to be given to the student.


Indicates the dose number.


Text about the medicine given or the dosage. When you click Issue, the comment displayed is saved for the medication log.Character/255

Initially, the comment entered on the Rx/Tx Requirements page (Medical > All > Student > Medication Requirements ) displays. To record a different comment for the medication log, change the text.


If the medication has not yet been given to the student, the column displays the Issue button. To administer the medication to the selected student, click Issue. When you click Issue, the current system time will display as the time that the medication was issued.

A green check mark displays in the column to indicate the medication has been given to the student.

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