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Career Plan Requests Page

Use this page to view or enter a student's course requests for future grade levels and school years for the subject areas covered by the student's Career Plan and supplemental plans.

The page displays panels covering the student's Career Plan and supplemental plans. Each subject area has two sections: Summary, which displays the student's credit totals, and Request, which enables you to review and enter course requests for future years. For related information, refer to Career Plan for Student.

Courses and other information entered in this page display on the Career Plan page in Home Access Center (HAC), where guardians and students can enter course requests. The availability of this information in HAC depends on whether the student or contacts has access to Home Access Center, as well as the HAC District Configuration.

Add Career Plan course requests

Delete Career Plan course requests

View student course handbook


Career Plan Panels

Each panel displays a Career Plan with sections for the plan's subject areas. The first panel is the student's Career Plan, while any additional panels are for supplemental plans.

Subject Area Sections

Each section's title bar identifies a subject area and displays the number of credits needed to complete the subject area based on the Career Plan's Graduation Requirement Setup

To display details for a section, click the section's

 (Expand) button.

Summary Section

The following fields display in a grid format covering the Career Plan's future years.



Grade/Year (column header)

Identifies the grade level and school year for the subject area credits displayed.

Suggested credits per grade(s)

Total subject area credits suggested for the grade level displayed. This total is based on the subject area's Graduation Requirements Setup.

Request credit for grade(s)

Total subject area credits requested for the grade level displayed.

The following fields display the student's credit requirements and totals.

Total credits required for graduation

Total credits required to complete the Career Plan or graduation requirement group subject area.

Current subject area credit

Total credits earned in the current and previous years toward the student's subject area requirement. This includes credits that are currently in progress, whether they have been completed or not.

Total future year request credit

Total credits for the courses displayed in the Request section. Note that the requested courses can apply to multiple grades/school years.

Request credit needed

Total credits remaining for the student to complete the Career Plan or graduation requirement group subject area. The total is calculated by subtracting current subject area credits (completed and in progress) and future year requested credits from the subject area's total credits required for graduation.


Total credits required for graduation


Current subject area credit


Total future year request credit


Request credit needed


Request Section

You can enter a request in the blank row at the bottom of the section. When you select a Grade/Year, a new row displays for adding another request.




Identifies the grade level and school year that apply to the request.


Two fields identifying the request.

To search for and select a course:

  1. Click Search to display the Course Request Search window.
  2. Enter your criteria, and then click Load.
  3. Highlight the course you want, and then click OK to select it.


Code identifying the course in your Course Catalog.


Course title or description.


Displays one of the following:

Required - indicates the course is designated as required in the Graduation Requirements Setup.
Suggested - indicates the course is designated as suggested for one or more grade levels.

The field will be blank if the course has not been designated as Required or Suggested.


Indicates whether the requested course is a block course: Yes or No.

If Yes displays, position the mouse pointer over it to display the block's blockette courses.


Number of credits to be awarded for successfully completing the course. For block courses, the system shows the sum of credits for the blockettes. All credit amounts come from the Course Catalog.

Scheduling Interval

Scheduling interval for the student request. The system uses the interval to determine the requests and courses to process.

Request Type

Type of request. This setting determines how the system handles the request when the scheduler is run.


Regular - to indicate this is a regular request which the system should attempt to schedule before processing alternate requests.
Student Alternate - to indicate this is an alternate request that can be used when the system cannot schedule any regular request.
Student/Course Alternate - to indicate this alternate request can only be used if the system is unable to schedule the course defined in the Alternate Course field.

Alternate Course

Course to substitute if this regular course request cannot be scheduled. If both the regular course and alternate course specified in the Course Catalog cannot be scheduled, then the student/course alternate is scheduled.

This field can be accessed only when the Request Type is Student/Course Alternate.

Alternate Sequence

Sequence number determining the processing order for this request in relation to other alternate requests. Number 1 has the highest priority.

This field can be accessed only when the Request Type is Student Alternate or Student/Course Alternate.


Checked if you want to lock the request to prevent a guardian or student from removing it in Home Access Center (HAC).

Override Prerequisite

Checked if you want to allow a course to be requested, even though its prerequisite has not been met. Course prerequisites are defined in the Course Sequence option (Scheduling > Courses > District Courses > District Course Sequencing).

If you receive an error upon saving a course that has a prerequisite, you must either select the checkbox to override the prerequisite or delete the request. You must have the appropriate security resource to override the Teacher Load.


To delete a request, select the row's Delete checkbox, then click Save. To select checkboxes for all requests in the section, click the (Delete) icon in the column header.

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