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Billing Statement Report Page

Use this page to create Billing Statement reports. Separate pages print for each student, so the statements can be mailed if needed.

Two formats are available:

Balance Due

Limits the report to fee items that have a balance. The amount displayed for each fee item is the balance due, as opposed to the original amount.

Full Statement

includes dates, original amount billed and paid for each fee, comments, and total due for each student within the selected date range.

The report's header and footer information is defined in the Fees Building Configuration.

Run Billing Statement Report

  1. Select Fees > All > Reports > Billing Statement
  2. Specify the report options.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Prompts Panel




Identifies the building for running the report.

Start Date

Select the date for the start of the period covered by the report. Fees that were created on or after this date are included.

End Date

Select the date for the end of the period covered by the report. Fees that were created on or before this date are included.

Report Format

Determines the report's format.


B - Balance Due - to limit the report to items that have a balance due. The Amount listed is the balance due for the fee, as opposed to the original amount.
F - Full Statement - to list all items for the date range, including the original amount billed, payments made, and the balance due.

Include Previous Year Fees

Checked to include fees from the year before the current school year. In this case, the Start Date is ignored.

Log Statistics

Checked if you want to print the prompts in a log file. Otherwise, a log file will be created only if an error occurs.

Sort Panel

Use the Sort panel to specify how records should be ordered in a report. You enter lines of sort criteria; the system compares your sort criteria against the corresponding fields in the records being searched and displays records in either ascending or descending order based on the sort fields.

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