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Behavior Referrals Daily Procedures

Teachers use Teacher Access Center (TAC) to record and track classroom issues and conduct referrals. For classroom issues, teachers can refer behavior issues to a student's disciplinarian and academic issues to a student's success plan coordinator.

In addition, disciplinarians can use the eSchoolPlus Home page and Behavior options to track and process the conduct referrals for their buildings.


Use the following options in TAC to record and track classroom issues and conduct referrals:

  • Classroom Issues - to enter routine student issues tied to a course, homeroom, or activity. Teachers can also record corrective actions they have taken. When needed, a teacher can refer a more serious classroom issue to a student's disciplinarian as a conduct referral in eSchoolPlus.
  • Conduct Referrals - to record and refer issues that demand the attention of students' disciplinarians. Teachers can identify the students, detail their involvement, and refer issues to disciplinarians for processing in eSchoolPlus.


  1. Use the Behavior widget on your Home page in eSchoolPlus to track incidents and access the Behavior Referral Search Page.
  2. Use the Conduct Referral Search Page and Behavior Referrals Page to process the issues referred by teachers.
    Disciplinarians' roles include the following:
    • Review referrals - to determine the most appropriate actions.
    • Generate reports - to identify individual students involved in conduct referral issues.
    • Return referrals - to recommend follow-up actions or to request additional information from teachers in TAC. A teacher can either refer the issue back to the disciplinarian or if possible, resolve the issue at the classroom level.
    • Escalate issues - to create behavior incidents in eSchoolPlus from classroom issues filed by teachers.
    • Close issues - to indicate no further action is needed.
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