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API Log Detail Page

Use this page to view details of an API call.

Administration > Utilities > Integration> API Profile, then select

 (Additional options) > API Status Logs, then click a log's link in the Log GUID field

Add a new API profile

Change or view information for an API profile

Change or view Advanced Settings for an API profile

View API call log information

Delete an API profile


Log Panel

This panel displays the content of a response. The response's GUID displays on the panel's header.



Consumer Key

The request's Consumer Key. This value is also known as the Caller ID.

Message Action

The request's action.

Message Status

The request's return status. Value will either be Success or Error. If the response was a Success, individual errors may also be returned in the Error Message field.

HTTP Status Code

The request's HTTP status code. Responses conform to RFC 2616

Message Data

The content of the request's response body.

Request Query String

The concatenation of the base URL and its endpoint.

Message Header

Displays the content of the message header.

Error Message

Displays any error messages.

Total Records

Total number of records returned by the request.

Records This Page

The number of records returned in this response.

Filter Limit

Maximum number of requested records per page.

Filter Offset

The response's offset.

Change Date/Time

The response's timestamp.

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