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Adding Images

You can add an image to your template if you want to print an image on the report. The image is embedded in your template. When you upload your template to the eSchoolPlus server, you do not need to upload the image separately.

  1. Click
    on the Controls toolbox to insert an image in the report.
  2. Move the mouse cursor to the area of the report where you want to add the image. Click and drag to create a box for the image. Release the mouse button when you have the box you want.
  3. In the Toolbox properties window, click in the line for the Picture field.
  4. Click
    to display the Open window.
  5. Browse to the desired location and select the image you want to add to the template. Click Open.
  6. The image displays on the template when you tab to another field in the Properties toolbox.
    If necessary, click on the box and drag the resize handles to make the box the appropriate size.
    If you want to make the box the same size as another field, select the box you added and Ctrl+click on the box/field/label on which you want to base the image's size. Select Format > Size > Make Same Size.
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