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Add Fee Item Window

Use this window to add fee items for a student. For additional information on fees, refer to Student Fees Page.





The building where the fee item is being added.


The date that the fee item was added. The default is today's date. You may select another date if needed.


The billing date assigned to fees affects fees processing. When you run fees reports, you can enter a date range to select the fees to include based on the billed date. When automatic payments are applied for students, fee items are paid in order by priority code and then billing date. Additionally, if your district has policies based on fees being paid within a certain number of days after the bills are sent to guardians, then you would enter the date that bills are to be sent home.

Fee Item

Select the code identifying the fee item.


The description of the fee item. You may change the description if needed. Character/255

Textbook Code

If applicable, select the code identifying the textbook.


Enter the number of units of the fee item.

Unit Cost

The cost per unit of the fee item. The unit cost defaults from the record of the fee item selected. You may change this if needed.

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