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Verify Data – District Level

The Pennsylvania State Center's Validate Data option lets you apply validation rules for selected students or for all students.  You can review the results in the log file created by running the option, or you can use the Validation Results option to view results from your run and previous district-level validation runs.

To run the Verify Data option at the district level:

  1. Select Regulatory > Validation > Validation > Validate Data.
  2. On the Verify Data page, specify how you want to process the option. Refer to the Processing Prompts section for more information.
  3. Define Filter criteria if you want to run the option for selected students.
  4. Click Run to verify the data.
  5. Review the log file to see the number of students processed and the number of errors found. The default log name is Verify Data Log. If you changed the task name, the log name will match the task name you entered.
  6. Use the Verification Results option to review errors.

Processing Prompts




Select the group of validation rules that you want to process

Rule List

Select the rules you want to verify.

  • To verify all rules in the group, select All Rules.
  • To verify a specific set of rules, select Specific Rules. Then select the rules you want to process.

Run Mode

Select how you want to run the option.

To verify data and create a log of errors, select Verify Only.

Include Errors in Log

Checked if the log file should include the verification results.

Task Name

If you want to rename the task and report file, change the text that displays in this field. If you use the / (slash) character, _ (underscore) will be used in the task and report name.

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