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Verification Results

This option lets you view the errors for the validation rules based on use of the district-level Verify Data option. The View Verifications panel shows the results that have not been excluded from future verification of the rule. The View Exclusions panel shows the results that have been marked to be excluded from verification of the rule. You can exclude a student from a rule if there is a valid reason for the data to not meet the rule.

To review verification results:

  1. Select Regulatory > Validation > Validation > Verification Results.
  2. On the Verifications page, enter filter criteria to find errors for a group of students.
  3. The default sort is by student ID.  If you want to sort results differently, specify a sort order.
  4. Click Load Records to display results.
  5. To save the errors to a csv file, click Export to Excel, then click OK in the confirmation dialog.  The file is saved to your report directory with the following convention:  Verifications YYYY MM DD HH.
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