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SHARRS Page Prompts

Building ListChoose All to run the report for all buildings in your district, or choose Selected to define a comma separated list of buildings you wish to include.
Date RangeSelect the Start & End dates to determine which exams, screenings, or office visits to include in the count. Physical & Dental Exam counts include those with dates up to one year prior to entered Start Date.
Report TypeSelect Combined Counts to generate one report for all buildings. Select Counts By Building to generate a report for each selected building.
Dental ServicesSelect the program in which the district participates, Mandated Dental Program or Dental Mandated Grades. If the district participates in the 2nd program, then choose the appropriate grades that are to be included in the count (Standard grades are K5A, K5P, K5F, 001, 003, & 007).
Health Services

Select the grades to be included in the counts for the listed programs. The standard grades for each program are as follows:

  • Physical Exam Grade List – K5A, K5P, K5F, 001, 006, & 011
  • Hearing Screen Grade List – K5A, K5P, K5F, 001, 002, 003, 007, & 0011
  • Scoliosis Exam Grade List – 006 & 007

For the Hearing Screen List, ungraded Special Ed students will be included in the count by default. To avoid duplicate counts, do NOT select SUG or EUG for the grade list.

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