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Programs Setup Rules

Setups below apply to program data reported in the Programs Fact download.

Rules apply to programs with the following state codes:

'001', '002', '003', '004', '005', '006', '007', '008', '009', '010', '011', '012', '013', '014', '015', '016', '017', '018', '019', '020', '021', '022', '023', '024', '025', '026', '027', '028F', '028H', '029', '030', '034', 'LEP', 'HOMEL', '011COMM', '012COMM', '035', '036', '037', '038', '039', '040', '041', '042', '043', '044', '045', '046', '047', '048', '049', '050', '051', '052', '053', '054'

Single Building/Program Enrollment

For a student who is enrolled in a single building without any enrollment gaps in the school year:

  • Student should have one program record per program per school year.
  • Program Start Date should reflect the date the student started the program or the first day of the school year, whichever comes last.
  • Program End Date should reflect the date the student exited the program or the last day of the school year, whichever comes first.

Multiple Buildings/Program Enrollment

For a student who changes buildings mid-school year, but whose enrollment is continuous with no gaps:

  • For programs '019' and '031', students should have only a single program vector for the school year regardless of the number of times a student changes buildings. Start and End dates should follow the rules for Single Building above. The reported building should reflect the student's building of enrollment as of the snapshot date.
  • For all other programs, close the vector for the existing programs as of the date the student withdrew from the former building. Open a new program vector with a Start Date that reflects the entry date in the new building.

Non-Continuous Enrollment

For a student who exits and re-enters a program, withdraws from and re-enrolls in a school, or has program values that change during the school year making the program coverage non-continuous:

  • The first program vector must be closed on the exit date
  • The next program vector must be opened on the re-entry date.

NOTE: Programs '019' and '031' are excepted from this rule and should follow rules specified in Multiple Buildings/Program Enrollment section above

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