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PIMS Child Accounting

The following sections are used for the Child Accounting Submission. This includes School Calendar & Student Calendar.

Prerequisites for Student Calendar & School Calendar

  1. Verify that the Grades in Administration > Registration Setup > Setup > Grades have the correct State Code Equivs.
  2. Verify that PIMS Calendars are set up correctly for all building types. See the PIMS Calendar section for information. PIMS Calendar > Calendar Programs will identify AVTS (Vo-tech) students on the PDE-4062 Report as CTE-FE-H (full-time) or CTE-PT-H (part-time).
  3. If you are educating a student from a Charter School, enter the Charter School's AUN in the student's PASC – Sending Charter School program record. Go to Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Programs, and then click on the PASC – Sending Charter School hyperlink.  Enter the Start Date and select the appropriate District. 
  4. If you have students with Homebound Instruction Minutes, enter the number of minutes in the HOMEB – Homebound Instruction program. Go to Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Programs, and then click on the HOMEB – Homebound Instruction hyperlink. Enter the Start Date and enter the number of minutes. 
  5. Verify State Code Equiv = 'UA' or '02' for attendance codes that should be designated as Unexcused Absences.
  6. Verify that you have run the Day Totals Calculation for the time period being reported.
  7. Verify Days Enrolled is greater than or equal to Days Present + Days Unexcused.

NOTE: If you are running the PIMS Download for the Student Calendar before the end of the school year, you may need to run the Day Totals Calculation for an Attendance Interval that covers the entire year in order to get the correct membership days for students. In the PIMS Extract's Verification File Options section, check each file that you want to create an Excel file for.  The file will be identical to the Extract file with a few fields added for your use so that you can sort and group the data better.

Troubleshooting Student Calendar Data

If you get unexpected results in the Student Calendar file, check the following areas in eSchoolPlus to see if the appropriate setups are in place:

  • Check the Student Day Totals page for a specific student (Attendance > All > Student > Day Totals). Make sure the student has Day Totals calculated for the Attendance View and date range you used when running the PIMS Download.  If there are no Day Totals for the appropriate view and date range, then run the Day Totals Calculation to generate this data.
  • Look at the student's calendar on the Entry/Withdrawal page (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Entry/Withdrawal). Check the corresponding Calendar setup to make sure the student's calendar has a State Equivalency Code defined (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar).
  • Make sure the calendar's State Equivalency Code is also set up as a PIMS Calendar code for the appropriate school year (Administration > General Setup > District District Defined > PIMS Calendar).  Verify this setup for the main district record, as opposed to Validation-Only districts.
  • If a student's record does not reflect the correct number of absences, check the Attendance View setup you used when running the PIMS Download (Administration > Attendance Setup > Setup > Attendance View Setup).  If you ran the PIMS Download for a specific State Group, then the PIMS Download would only include attendance for that state group. To review which attendance codes are associated with a particular state group, refer to Administration > Attendance Setup > Setup > Attendance Codes: State Group column.
  • If the student's Percentage of Time Enrolled (field 10) is incorrect, check to see if the student is enrolled in the PAWGT program for a date range within the school year (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Programs > PAWGT - Weighting). If so, this program Value is used to calculate Percentage of Time Enrolled for the indicated date range. 

For information on the calculation, refer to the section How the Percentage Data is Used in the PIMS Student Calendar File. If the student is not enrolled in this program, then Percentage of Time Enrolled is calculated based on the appropriate Calendar setup's Default Membership Value.

 Multiple Building Students and Student Calendar Records

For students enrolled in multiple buildings during the school year, the PIMS Download may combine data into a single Student Calendar record.  The Student Calendar template combines the data unless it finds that the student has values changed for any of these key fields:

  • Calendar ID (The student's PIMS Calendar, determined by taking the student's entry/withdrawal Calendar, then looking at the State Code Equiv, which must also be set up as a PIMS Calendar through Administration > General Setup > District District Defined > PIMS Calendar)
  • District Code of Residence (RESD program, State Code Equiv = DISTRES)
  • Funding District Code (FUND program, State Code Equiv = DISTFUND)
  • Residence Status Code (PARES program, or program with State Code Equiv = RESIDENT)

If the student does not have changes to these fields, then multiple building enrollment data gets combined into a single Student Calendar record. If there are changes to any of these fields, a separate download table record is created for each unique combination of the key values during the Child Accounting submission date range. 

In addition, if the student has multiple RESD/FUND program records in a school year and you want a Student Calendar record for every RESD/FUND record, then the student must have corresponding Entry/Withdrawal and PARES records for each RESD/FUND program record.  The dates on all of these records must match (RESD, FUND, Entry/Withdrawal, PARES).

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